Finally - a simple, effective and affordable way to GET THE WORD OUT about your business! Like the digital billboards you see on major highways, our unique eye-catching informational screens are located exclusively in high-traffic venues in Sedona and the Village of Oak Creek, where the people are!                It's NOT hidden in hotel rooms, and we do not charge production fees!     We use the same state-of-the-art technology used by BMW, McDonald's, Burger King and other successful businesses. Now this technology is available and AFFORDABLE for you too! InTown.TV provides an affordable, no-stress method to connect local businesses and events to the right potential customers; building business, community, and the local economy. • We provide affordable short term, up-to-date, and flexible advertising to both large and small businesses, as well as individuals. • Your Standard 30-second multimedia ad is shown over 80 times per day (more than 6 times per hour) on the InTown.TV network screens all around Sedona and the Village of Oak Creek. JUMBO ads play every 15 minutes. No long-term contracts - NO CONTRACTS of any kind!   Advertising on InTown.TV works. • No expensive production costs - provide your own graphics if you'd like - or we'll create an ad for you - all included. • No more chasing down unresponsive salespeople.

Quick Stats:
t Consumers are 10-times more likely to observe dynamic media than static – IBM Research
t Results from restaurant digital displays shown to increase sales by 5% to 30% - Forester Research, Inc.
t As much as 70% of the consumer buying decision occurs just prior to or at the time of purchase – KPMG Study
t More than 50% of adults take action as a result of digital displays – Out-of-Home Marketing Association of Canada
InTown.TV is the most EFFECTIVE use of your advertising budget: ü InTown.TV Standard ads are shown 80 times PER DAY. JUMBO ads are shown every 15 minutes. Repetition is key to visibility and name recognition. Print ads might be viewed one time, then the paper is thrown away or ignored.
ü SIZE - standard size ads are 12.25"x7.5" or larger, and JUMBO ads are 22.5"x12.25" or larger, depending on the screen size at our Host location. Average InTown.TV screen size is 43". Print ads cost more and can be the size of a matchbook!
ü MOTION - 30-second InTown.TV ads are animated. Studies have shown that movement catches the viewers eye and holds their interest!
ü COLOR - EVERY InTown.TV ad is a color ad - no extra charges!
ü VARIETY - your 30-second ad can show a variety of information. Video, animations, motion graphics, photos, text, anything! ü UNIQUE - your animated ad is custom designed by us for YOUR business - NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE. We can also integrate any existing graphics you might have.







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